Berlin Regulars’ Table of the VDRW

24.02.2010 (18:30)

Restaurant.Uhlandstraße 51, 10719 Berlin.

The continuation – introduction of participants, lecture series:

During our last regulars’ table and in numerous conversations with the participants of the regulars’ table at other events, the increased desire to give the regulars’ table a content framework crystallised. Many interesting topics were brought to my attention. These concerned legal areas as well as cultural, economic and interpersonal issues.

The speaker would have the opportunity to introduce the organisation, law firm, company he represents and/or himself. This would enable the participants of the regulars’ table to actually expand their professional and personal network.

After the lecture at the speaker’s institution, the evening would end in a nearby restaurant.

It was also suggested that the regulars’ table should take place every four to six weeks.

These ideas should be discussed at the next regulars’ table. I have already received concrete suggestions so that the next regulars’ table could take place in this framework.