German-Russian Jurist Award 2013


at Saarland University

The results of the German-Russian Lawyers’ Award 2013, organised by DRJV, DRJI and the German-Russian AHK, have been announced. AHK German-Russian Lawyers’ Award 2013 have been announced. The jury (consisting of Dr Wolfram Gärtner, Dr Vladimir Primaczenko, Prof. Dr Andreas Steininger and Prof. Dr Rainer Wedde) has selected the following prize winners:


The Russian-language prize goes to Ms Anna F. Vasiljeva from the University of Krasnoyarsk for her paper: “Сервисное Государство: административно-правовое исследование оказания публичных услуг в Германии и России”.


This year’s German-language prize is shared by Valeria Schöttle for her dissertation “The General Part of Intellectual Property Law in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation” at Saarland University and Ms Elena Timofeeva for her dissertation “Unbundling in the Russian Electricity Industry in Comparison with German and European Energy Law” at FU Berlin.


A special prize was awarded to Prof. Dr Lachno and Prof. Dr Säcker for the handbook “Энергетическое Право России и Германии”.


The award ceremony will take place at a DRJI event in September. The DRJV warmly congratulates the award winners!