The crisis is over, but the reform has only just begun

21.11.2003 (10:00)

Seminar for Maritime Law and Maritime Trade Law at the University of Hamburg.Heimhuder Str. 71, 20148 Hamburg.


Dr. Klaus Schröder, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin: The state of Russian banking and the importance of state-owned banks.

Pavel Gorbatsevich, Alfa Bank, Moscow:
The reform of the Russian banking system: perspective of a Russian banker

Prof. Dr. Aleksandr J. Vikulin, Institute of State and Law of the Russian Federation, Banking Association of the Russian Federation: Banking Law in Russia. State and Perspectives

Michaela Hinner, Moscow:
Banking supervision in Russia. Legal framework and practical experience

Dr Hans-Jürgen Todt and Dr Roland Elben,
AKA Export Credit Corporation, Frankfurt am Main:
Legal issues in the drafting of loan agreements with Russian banks.

N.N., PriceWaterhouseCoopers:
Introduction of accounting according to International Financial Reporting Standards and regulation of corporate governance: impact on internationally active Russian banks