First DRJV Regulars’ Table in Zurich

03.09.2015 (19:00 - 22:00)

Onyx Bar at the Hotel Park Hyatt, Beethovenstrasse 21, Zurich

Dear members and friends of the DRJV,

on 3.9.2015 (Thu), 19.00h, the first meeting of DRJV members will take place in Zurich. The meeting place is the Onyx Bar in the Hotel Park Hyatt, Beethovenstrasse 21, Zurich.

The meeting on 3.9.2015 is primarily intended to help the Zurich DRJV members get to know each other. This time – in contrast to the usual regional DRJV events – there will be no lecture on a current topic of Russian law or on questions of business transactions with Russia. Instead, we will jointly consider which regional DRJV events could be organised in Zurich in the near future.

We would be very pleased if you would come in large numbers. The meeting is also open to non-members.

To facilitate the organisation, please send a short e-mail registration to