Company Law Day Russia

12.04.2007 (14:30)

Steigenberger Hotel, Hamburg.Heiligengeistbrücke 4, 20459 Hamburg.(S-Bahn: Stadthausbrücke; U-Bahn: Rödingsmarkt).

Speakers at the VDRW Corporate Law Day are:

RA Dr. Rainer Wedde, RAe Beiten Burkhardt, Moscow and FH Wiesbaden:
Current changes in Russian company law – effects on practice.

Lawyer Axel Boes, Lawyers Lebuhn and Puchta, Hamburg:
The law of limited liability companies in Russia – do the pending reforms remedy the weaknesses of the Russian law on limited liability companies ?
Dr Hans-Joachim Schramm, University of Bremen:
The battle for business – legal and illegal methods of acquiring a company.

Lawyer Jörn Paulsen, Lawyers Nörr Stiefenhofer, Lutz, Moscow:
Merger control in Russian law.