General Assembly 2012

14.11.2012 (18:30)

Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation e.V..BerlinTiergartenstraße 35, 10785 Berlin.

The following topics are planned:

1. report of the Presidium on the activities of the DRJV
2. cash report
3. discharge of the Executive Board
4. election of the new Executive Board
5. outlook on future activities
6. miscellaneous

The Board of the DRJV, consisting of Tanja Galander, Karin Holloch, Peter Jo-nach, Dr. Hans Janus, Prof. Dr. Otto Luchterhandt, Florian Roloff, Frank Schmieder and Prof. Dr. Rainer Wedde is willing to stand for a new term of office. However, after more than 11 years of chairing the Association, Dr Janus has decided not to run for the chairmanship again. To date, Karin Holloch and Prof. Rainer Wedde have declared their intention to run for the office of Chairperson.