Shareholder’s Agreements in Russia

26.08.2009 (18:00)

at the offices of Zeller Associates GmbH.Van-der-Smissen-Straße 1, 22767 Hamburg.Kreuzfahrtcenter Altona, near S-Bahn Königstraße.

This year the Russian law on limited liability companies was fundamentally amended. The VDRW held its own event on this subject, the 2nd Company Law Day Russia, in Wiesbaden. In continuation of this topic, we will take up the important aspect of the limits of freedom of contract in Russian company law, especially in the case of the GmbH, in a separate lecture event.

Our speaker:
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Oda, University of London (UCL), Attorney at Law (Japan), Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris.

Participation in the event is free of charge for VDRW members. Guests will be charged a participation fee of EUR 30.00.