Regulars’ Table in Frankfurt with introductory lecture: News in Russian Insolvency Law

04.12.2009 (18:30)

initially 18:30 Kanzlei Beiten Burkhardt.Westhafen Tower, Westhafenplatz 1, 60327 Frankfurt.later approx. 8 p.m.

Dear friends of Russian law

Our last event – the 2nd Company Law Day in Wiesbaden – was held several months ago. So it is high time to get together again before the turn of the year.

Therefore, I would like to cordially invite you to the next Rhine-Main regulars’ table of the VdrW on Friday, 4 December 2009. As is already our tradition, we will first meet at 6.30 p.m. for a technical session, this time at the offices of the law firm Beiten Burkhardt (Westhafen Tower, Westhafenplatz 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Tel.: 069/ 75 60 95-0).

Since insolvency law is of particular importance in the crisis and this area of law has undergone some recent reforms in Russia, I would like to propose as the topic of the evening:

“What’s New in Russian Insolvency Law”.

I would be happy to give an overview of the latest innovations as an introduction. If anyone would like to present something on this or any other topic, they are cordially invited to do so. This will certainly be followed by another lively discussion.

Afterwards (around 8 pm) we want to round off the evening in a cosy atmosphere. A table has been reserved for us at the nearby “chalet multilounge” (Speicherstraße 49-51, 60327 Frankfurt; Tel.: 069/ 15249 171). If you have to work beforehand, you can of course join us there.

It would be nice if we were again a large and discussion-friendly group on 04.12.2009. Our mailing list is constantly growing. Nevertheless, please pass on this invitation to others interested in Russian law (or in Russia) or simply bring such persons to the regulars’ table.

To facilitate planning, please send me a short (non-binding) response by email, preferably directly to the email address below, otherwise also via the website Many thanks in advance.

With best regards

Rainer Wedde