Tax law between Russia and Germany

16.03.2012 (15:00)

AKA Ausfuhrkreditgesellschaft mbH.Große Gallusstraße 1-7, 60311 Frankfurt/Main.Event Centre 6th floor.

3.00 p.m. Welcoming address, opening

15.05 h Greetings
15.15 Recent developments in corporate taxation in Russia (Prof. Dr. Danil Vinnitsky, Ural State Academy of Law, lecture in English)
4.00 p.m. Concept of permanent establishment in Russia (Maria Rostock-Bagdasarova, lawyer, member of the Russian Business Desk KPMGFrankfurt/Main)
4.45 p.m. Coffee break
17.15 Current developments in transfer pricing (Richard Wellmann, RA, StB, Konsul’tant po nalogam i sboram (RF),Head of Russia Desk BDO Frankfurt/Main)
18.00 Current developments on exit taxation and de-stratification (Prof. Dr. Rainer Hartmann, Wiesbaden Business School)
6.45 p.m. Final discussion, summary, closing remarks
Approx. 19.00 hrs End of the conference
Afterwards get-together