2nd Company Law Day Russia

18.06.2009 (11:00)

FH Wiesbaden, Faculty of Economics.Bleichstraße 44, 65183 Wiesbaden.

In 2008, the Russian Federation was the most important trading partner of the Federal Republic of Germany in Eastern Europe with a turnover of almost 70 billion euros, ahead of Poland and the Czech Republic. Despite the crisis, the Russian market remains strategically important for many German investors.

Russian company law had to be completely rewritten after the change of system. In the 1990s, the Russian legislator laid the foundations with the CC and a series of special laws. Now, in a second phase, the focus is on adapting the laws to current requirements and correcting undesirable developments.

In particular, the reform of Russian limited liability company law, which will come into force in mid-2009, will be the focus of the conference. Experts from Russia and Germany will shed light on various aspects of company law.

A conference fee will be charged for participation in the event. The fee is € 90 for members of the VDRW and € 140 for guests. Students can apply for a waiver of the fee.

Prior registration is essential for all participants.