DRJV Lecture Event and Regulars’ Table in Cologne

03.12.2015 (19:00 - 22:00)

Seminar room of the Institute for Eastern European Law and Comparative Law of the University of Cologne, Klosterstraße 79d, Cologne-Lindenthal

The German-Russian Lawyers’ Association, in cooperation with the Institute for East European Law and Comparative Law at the University of Cologne (www.iorr.uni-koeln.de/), is holding a lecture event on 3 December 2015, 7 p.m., followed by a regulars’ table on the following topic: European Court of Human Rights and Russian Constitutional Court – who has the last word? – In the light of the recent case law of the Russian Constitutional Court -.

On the topic:

National control of ECtHR decisions? – On 14 July 2015, the Russian Federal Constitutional Court, at the request of members of parliament, made fundamental decisions on the relationship between national constitutional law and the ECHR. In addition to numerous declaratory statements on the relationship of constitutional law to international law, the court stated that the decisions of the ECtHR are subject to review by the national court if they contradict national constitutional law. Thus, the Russian Constitutional Court elevated itself to the position of a supervisory body vis-à-vis an international court.

The impact of this decision on Russian, as well as international law, remains to be seen. Since the German and Russian systems of incorporation of international treaties are similar and the Russian Constitutional Court also cites the decisions of the BVerfG to justify its legal position, the statements of this ruling are highly relevant for the entire European system of human rights protection.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Caroline von Gall and Dr. Anastasia Berger

Prof. Dr. Caroline von Gall is a junior professor at the Institute for Eastern European Law and Comparative Law at the Cologne Centre for Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Cologne. Her focus is on constitutional law, judicial development in Eastern Europe, European human rights protection and European law. Since 2011, she has been a member of the BMBF-funded multidisciplinary research network “Institutions and Institutional Change in Post-Socialism”. She is also a member of the board of the German Society for Eastern European Studies.

Dr. Anastasia Berger is a lawyer at the law firm Hengeler Mueller mbB, where she advises on public law. Dr Anastasia Berger studied law in Moscow and Munich. She completed her doctorate in comparative law on the third-party effect of fundamental rights and is the author of articles and essays in the fields of constitutional law, fundamental and human rights and administrative law.

Venue: Seminar room of the Institute for Eastern European Law and Comparative Law of the University of Cologne, Klosterstraße 79d, Cologne-Lindenthal

Contact/directions: http://www.iorr.uni-koeln.de/11604.html

Participation is free of charge. Afterwards, a regulars’ table will be held in a neighbouring restaurant for all those interested. Everyone is responsible for their own food.

Due to a limited number of places, registration by e-mail to info@drjv.org and/or institut-ostrecht@uni-koeln.de is absolutely necessary.

Further information and directions in the attached pdf-invitation:

Einladung DRJV-Veranstaltung 3-12-2015 Koeln