Trade representation in German and Russian law


May 13, 2024|

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Mr. Alexandr Ananev published an article in the DRRZ (Band 8, 2023, Heft 2) titled „Trade representation in German and Russian law“. In this article the author compares the regulation of trade representation in German and Russian law. It is known, that German representation has specific characteristics, which were adopted by Russian civil law. However, the dualistic system of private law in Germany determines the necessity to create a special regulation of the institution of representation, existing in trade law. In Russian law the system of private law is monistic, consequently, private law legislation is not regulated by two Codes. Such state of things determines the differences in the regulation of trade representation. 

You can find the full text  in the DRRZ Deutsch-Russische Rechtszeitschrift, Band 8, Dezember 2023, Heft 2: 

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