Award of the Dt.-Russ. Lawyers’ Awards 2019

The DRJV has awarded the annual German-Russian Lawyers’ Prize since 2011 to honour outstanding comparative law work between Russia and the German-speaking countries. In 2019, the following award winners were honoured:

Mr Klaus Rudolf Moder from Graz received the award for the best student paper in German.
The prize for the best student paper in Russian was awarded to Ms Viktoria A. Beresjuk from St. Petersburg.
The prize for the best academic paper in German was awarded to Ms Maria Bozhenova from Frankfurt/Main.
The prize for the best Russian-language scientific paper was divided equally between Ms Marina V. Smirnova from Moscow and Mr Kirill V. Nam from Moscow.
The jury awarded a special prize to Mr Tikhon P. Podzhivalov from Chelyabinsk.

Congratulations to all prize winners! More information can be found here:.

And a big thank you to the co-organisers (Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade, Centre for Eastern European Law Graz, Ostinstitut Wismar and Wiesbaden Institute for Law and Economics) as well as to the sponsors and the jury members! They all make the call for proposals possible through their voluntary support.

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