Annual Letter 2015


Frankfurt on the Main

Dear members of the DRJV,

It can no longer be denied: German-Russian relations are in a deep crisis. In eastern Ukraine, the weapons are still not silent and a peaceful solution seems far away; on the contrary, positions are increasingly hardening. The mutual sanctions and the economic crisis in Russia are damaging economic exchange.

The undeclared war in eastern Ukraine is claiming victims every day, and our sympathy goes out to them. It is appalling that such a human tragedy is possible in the Europe of 2014. Who would have thought it possible a year ago?

Not only truth is among the other victims of this conflict, but also justice. It would be terrible if the conflict resulted in an undermining of the legal order that Europe gave itself by consensus after the Second World War, or at the latest after 1990: Violations of the law are not an acceptable means of asserting interests; differences of opinion are to be resolved by negotiation. Questioning these legal principles is not a good guide to solving the crisis! Rather, all parties to the conflict should return to observing the law and seek solutions on this basis.

One should be warned against extending criticism of politics or government to a rejection of an entire country or its inhabitants. Wanting to understand the other is a basic prerequisite here, but does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the other position. In this sense, the DRJV will continue to be a forum for discussion, even where positions differ.

In 2015, the DRJV will continue to devote its full energy to the exchange on legal issues between Russia and Germany. We will continue and further expand our successful regional regulars’ tables, and we also want to offer more events in Russia. In 2015, we will announce the German-Russian Lawyers’ Award for the fifth time. Our annual conference and the next general meeting will probably take place in Frankfurt am Main in mid-2015. We cordially invite you to all these activities; the DRJV thrives on the commitment and interest of its members.

In this spirit, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!